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Creating Seasonal, localy sourced wholesome dishes which can be shared with family and friends is what we pride ourselves on.


We adopt the following values throughout our Journey:

Buy Local, We Do.

We have a long standing tradition of choosing Irish Ingredients which have been grown & reared by independent producers using methods & husbandry that result in Fresh, Flavousome Food.

Our Menus are inspired by what Food are Producers are Harvesting & Finishing. We use our Culinary Skills & Experience to match these Ingredients with one another and come up with dishes which are wholesome & Seasonal. We Connect with our producers to offer food which is in Season on our Take Away & Sit in Menus.


Our Team


Each member of our team potray a strength in what they do. There indivisualism  & expertise is respected and brought toghether to Create a culinary experience which gives Relish it’s identity.

Being a 3rd Generation Craft butcher I appreciate the importance of a craft & the importance sharing any Culinary knowledge I have learned along the way.

Our Chefs & Culinary team share their knowledge , techniques & practices with each other. We are openminded in our approach to cooking food whether this involves adopting or creating new methods.  We are proud of the food we produce and enjoy the experience.


We Imagine a World without Waste. We hope our actions speak louder than our words when it comes to ensuring earth can be inhabited  by all living things.

We bottle our award winnig juices in Glass, The cost of using Glass over Plastic Bottles  may not make financial sense however the environmental cost of using Glass over Plastic far outweighs this. We encourage everyone to return our Juice bottles so we can reuse them.

By sourcing food in its original state not only can we craft it to how we see fit, we also find use for each part of the food & cut down on packaging.

We are working towards using only Irish Ingredients. however where we source from further a field  at present we only use Food which respects the resources it has grown in.


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